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Phase I - Enabing works
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Phase I - Enabing works

The site-enabling phase extended for 6 months starting from May to November 2005. The principal enabling works involved the erection of a site perimeter fence and site hoarding, together with the commencement of site structure clearance and earthworks. This phase included securing the entire project site by the provision of appropriate fencing, site lights and signage; thus preparing the necessary conditions for moving Ramses II Statue to a secure location inside the GEM premises on the 25 th of August 2006.

An accurate site topographic survey was conducted to indicate actual ground levels. Soil analysis investigations to the depth of 100 meters ensured the foundations type used, and revealed the level and chemical constitution of underground water. Noise measurements and analysis were conducted; traffic analysis and traffic counts to the surrounding street network and the Remayah Square were carried out. Earthquake studies and seismic movement, climatic conditions such as average temperatures, humidity, rain fall, pollution levels, etc were included. Finally, an environmental impact assessment was presented and approved by the EEAA, which included a social impact assessment to the neighboring community, and a public hearing and seminar with leading community members to introduce the project to the local community and assess its impact during and after construction.