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The Organization of the Architectural Design Competition

On 7th of January 2002, the Ministry of Culture initiated an international architecture competition. The competition was open to all architects or teams led by architects who have the right to exercise the profession of architect in their own country, or in their country of residence.

The announcement was published in most local newspapers and journal, selected prestigious international architectural journals, circular newsletter by UIA to 160 member countries, and an internet website and e-mail circular messages. At the end of announcement and registration period, 2227 architects from 103 countries applied and registered in this competition.

The Architectural Design Competition was divided into two stages:
The first stage of the Competition
consisted of a preliminary conceptual proposal, generally outlining and illustrating the approach to the design theme. From 7th May to 17th of August 2002 more than 1550 international architects and firms submitted their conceptual designs from about 83 countries. The jury convened from 12th of October to 17th of October 2002 and selected only 20 designs to pass on to the second stage of the competition.
The second stage of the Competition
consisted of a preliminary design to be built on site and respond to the requirements. From 17th December 2002 to 17th of March 2003 the selected 20 architects and firms submitted their designs on scheduled time. The jury convened from 27th of April to 2nd of May 2003, and selected only winning designs. The competition was completed on June 2nd by selecting the winning design scheme and where detailed design work and construction to follow thereafter. The Ministry of Culture should be able to contract the first prize winner for actual construction.
Prizes and action following the Competition
Selected competitors of the first stage having submitted a project in the second stage were paid each, a reimbursement, of US$ 10,000.
A total of US $ 700,000 was awarded to the entrants submitting prize-winning designs as follows:
First prize: US $ 250,000.
Second prize: US $ 150,000.
Third prize: US $ 100,000.
The remaining US $ 200,000 was divided among the entrants awarded a Special Mention as follows:
High Honorable Mention (three designs) US $ 40,000 each
Honorable Mention (four designs) US $ 20,000 each