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Consultancy Phase
Consultancy Phase
Pre-Schematic Design: from 23rd of November 2003 to 23rd of May 2004
This phase extended for six months and involved the preparation of background research and data analysis that comprised the scientific backbone for the design. It included all relevant engineering specializations and resulted in a scientific database upon which decision-making was based.
Schematic Design: from 15th of August 2004 to 30th of June 2005
This preliminary phase for the preparation of design drawings extended for nine months and resulted in fixing the design concept and intent reflecting the final image of the building. Based on the presentations and deliverables of this phase, the Ministry of Culture approved the project before starting the detailed design.
Design Development Phase: 15th of April 2006 to 26th of April 2007
This phase extended for twelve months for detailing all design ideas in every discipline, and testing quality performance criteria of all the materials and systems. Detailed design drawings were produced to a suitable scale; packaging systems based on prioritizing the construction phases were discussed, and elaborate testing for stone façade was conducted along with visits to different quarries.
Tender Documents: from 15th of August 2007 to 15th of September 2008
This phase included the preparation of Tender Drawings, Bills of Quantities and Specifications of all the items used in the design and Construction Drawings, which lasted for 13 months and involved the coordination of the entire design disciplines. It also included the preparation of the general and specific conditions, prequalification of international contractor companies, packages and implementation schedules, long-lead items schedules, and building construction schedule.