GEM-CC and JICA Organizing the 2nd training course on “Papyrus Conservation”

  18 November 2014

Series of Papyrus Training Course has started in November 2013 (the first course) with purpose to develop and update knowledge and practice for staff-members of GEM-CC and other outside experts related to papyrus conservation and preservation.

In the first course that was focused on general knowledge and experience about history and manufacture of papyrus in antiquity, through lectures and practice as well as technical visits to Herbarium village where is conducting papyrus manufacturing in nowadays and the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir . Trainees consisted of conservators and curators learned (1) history , materials and manufactu ring of papyrus artifacts , (2) physical and chemical structure of the plant Cyperus p apyrus L. , and (3) pretreatment, final treatment for the papyrus , and deterioration aspects of the papyrus artifacts .

This 2nd Training C ourse will focuses basically on understanding the chemical and physical properties of the materials used in a ntiquity with the papyrus such as adhesives, binding media, pigments, inks by using different types of analysis and investigations optical microscope, polarizing microscope, scanning electron microscope(SEM), Fourier transfor m infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and XRD. Beside them adhesives and consolidants used nowadays for conservation of papyrus as well as ways to prepare and evaluate them from the view point of conservation will be instructed in the training.

The course will provide trainees knowledge about artificial ageing for the papyrus with making replica of original colors and ink in standard way . Also, it will discuss nature of micro be infection and common fung al attack on papyrus artifacts , and some chemicals and natural products used for disinfection and appropriate environment al condition for preserving them.
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