The 4th training course on “Textile Conservation 4” starts.

  16 November 2014

Today, the training course “Textile Conservation 4” has started in the presence of Mr. Ossama Abu Elkheir ,the Director of GEM- Conservation Center, Mr.Moamen Mohamed Othman,the Head of organic artifacts Lab.,and from JICA Mr. Kuniaki NAGATA , Dr. Yasunori MATSUDA, Rei HARADA, Naohiko KAWAKAMI.

The training course aims to introduce more advanced conservation treatment as well as following up contents in the previous year to a higher level. There will be focus on 1) fabric materials for conservation and fiber identification , 2) dyeing woven and non-woven materials for conservation , 3) mechanical and chemical support treatments, 4) implementation of conservation treatment ,and 5) conservation report writing . The course will be conducted by Dr. Mie ISHII (Textile conservator/ Visiting researcher specializing in textile conservation, Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation , NRICPT),and Mrs. Midori YOKOYAMA (Textile conservation lecturer /NHK Bunka Center, Saitama).

Three workshops have already conducted starting from 2012. In “Textile Conservation 1” conservators learned how to document museum textiles and how to take samples for fiber analysis, while scientists practiced making reference standard samples for fiber identification for microscopic observation.

In” Textile Conservation 2” conservators learned dyeing and practiced dyeing with natural dyes. They have also learned conservation ethics of ancient textiles artifacts, examination of textiles and various kinds of cleaning methods, humidification and storage methods.

Textile Conservation 3 “was implemented in Japan and its theme was passive conservation treatment of textiles. Through lectures and practices conservators learned 1) support treatments, 2) storage and display systems, 3) material testing, 4) synthetic dyeing, and 5) stitching.

Mr. Ossama Abu Elkheir, the Director of GEM-CC, in the first day of the course