A Ministerial Committee Meeting to Discuss Developing GEM Resources

21 April 2015

On Monday 20/4/2015, the members of the ministerial committee of developing GEM resources meet together. The committee meeting is attended by Dr. Mamdouh El Damaty, Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Moustafa Madbouly, Minister of Housing, Dr.Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity, Eng. Hany Dahy, Minister of Transportation, Dr. Mohamed Youssef, Minister of Technical Education, the deputy Minister of Planning, and the deputy Minister of International Cooperation.

The meeting is also attended by Dr. Tarek Tawfik, the General Supervisor of GEM project, the Head of Tunnel Authority, Dr. Mohammed Sheikha, Ministery of Antiquities Adviser of Engineering Affairs, Eng. Hossam Foda, Chairman of the Engineering Committee of GEM project, and Mr. Osama Bashay, the deputy member of Orascom Co.

The committee members review the current status of the project, and its progress; as well as all the obstacles, especially the importance of securing funding, in order to develop an integrated vision for dealing with the challenges, and to find quick solutions to complete the project, which is considered one of the national projects that benefit the national economy.

After the meeting, the committee members visit the labs of Conservation Center, and the construction site of the project