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The Grand Egyptian Museum is the encyclopedia of the Egyptian pharaonic culture exhibiting high quality artifacts of finest collections carrying the latest scientific information on these artifacts, including the panels and the labels, as well as many other information systems with a variety of Audio/Visual integration representations. All texts will be easy to read and audio guide trails easy to follow.

The display will be aimed primarily at the interested adult, but it will meet the needs of audience ranging from the casual enquirer to the specialist and provide different types of learning resources for different learning styles. The primary display will have high visual impact. The way the objects and showcases are arranged will be visually stimulating. The objects will be selected on the basis of their ability to illustrate the diversity of the collections and the theme of display in a vivid manner.

The visitors will be drawn into the story of ancient Egypt from the moment they enter the permanent galleries, which laid out in a largely chronological sequence and illustrated by interweaving themes in four major trays;

A: Prehistory, Pre-dynastic, Early Dynastic, Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period,
B: Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period,
C: New Kingdom,
D: Third Intermediate Period,Late Period and Greco-Roman Period.

Every display and gallery will have definite themes or sense of context to serve the museum concept.

The gallery of King Tutankhmun collection will be the highlight of the visit for most tourists. The dramatic lighting will accent the golden treasures of the tomb, which will be augmented by layers of information. This exquisite gallery displays about 4000 artifacts of the young king as his belongings, a collection that is most complete of all collections.