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This will be a space for children to learn, share, experience, and create; it will include games, workshops, hands-on activities, virtual galleries, laboratories, and many other facilities that will provide educational and cultural enrichment. The Children’s Museum in the GEM will draw upon the children’s natural curiosity about the world around them and will draw these young minds into an exploration of ancient Egypt.

The first floor of the GEM functions as a dedicated area for children, their teachers, families and caregivers – a place where children feel comfortable, secure and at home. Exhibition Spaces allocated for them is around 1500 m 2 allowing for 500 visitors at the peak hour and displaying 1500 pieces of artifacts.

The children section of the Museum will comprise a reception area and various itineraries. The reception area is one from which children will quickly move on to specific itineraries, according to their age group.

The area served for kindergarten children will include traditional games, reproducing a miniature historical environment ( with pyramids, sphinx, etc.) and specific child minding services.

Children of school-going age, between 6 and 13, will find both recreational areas, and cultural areas. The recreational section will comprise a room with traditional games as well as electronic games and multimedia PCs, a theatre where cartoons and short documentaries may be shown, and a small laboratory for practical activities (writing on papyri, making small terracotta objects, etc.). In contrast, the cultural area will reproduce a small display of the museum's most important and significant artifacts, arranged according to the same thematic layout, except that the reproductions may be picked up and touched.