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Cafes & Restaurants
Cafes & Restaurants
Cafe Dune
Cafe Dune will be located at the apex of the ‘Land of Egypt Park’. It occupies the end corner of the garden providing a majestic view over the Land of Egypt Park ‘and Museum.
The cafe is seen as a calm rest space shaded by a dramatic roof and cooled by the trickling water of the ‘Nile Park’. The ‘Nile Park’ spills out to flood the cafe floor plate creating Nile bank side seating. It would operate as a cafe/bar type establishment serving light refreshments.
Pyramids Restaurant
The Pyramids Restaurant occupies the space under the radial strip flanking the ‘Temple Garden’. It is the first of a series of buildings under this gravel covered strip. It was envisaged that due its spectacular view and proximity to museum it would be the ideal location for a high class restaurant. It will operate as a separate entity outside museum hours and the museum boundary and served by its own road and entrance. Within the radial strip both internal and external dining is proposed each table with a unique view to the pyramids and at a lower level to the front of the restaurants there would be landscaped gardens and terraces.
Temple Garden Restaurant
The ‘Temple Garden Restaurant’ occupies the central space under the radial strip. The Restaurant would serve Museum visitors and visitors to the ‘Temple Garden’. It comprises of internal and external shaded dining under the strip. The cafe can then spill out into the temple garden space with seating in the garden.
The surface of the Temple garden would continue into the outdoor seating area of the Restaurant and to the Pyramid viewing point. This open space under the roof of the radial strip allows a visual connection from the temple garden to the pyramids.