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The Greater Zone for Tourism Investment
The Greater Zone for Tourism Investment
Project Description
The third investment zone lies at the vicinity of the pyramids plateau and GEM project site, along Cairo / Alexandria Desert Road, and extends up to 29Km to reach Cairo Gates on the desert road. The third investment zone is one of the major attractions for tourism development, due to existence of luxurious housing, investment residential areas, international hotels and private hospitals, as well as the establishment of cultural and commercial facilities such as car showrooms, shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants, etc alongside it. The scale of the on-going development is changing the nature of the land-use opportunities along this site.
Site potentials
The potentials of this prospective investment project are based on many parameters and site characteristics. Firstly, this zone is served by a network of highways to facilitate transportation and accessibility, it is directly linked to Cairo Ring Road and to the 26th of July circulation artery, it is also linked to two major highways connecting Cairo city to Alexandria and to Fayum cities, respectively. Secondly, this site is close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes Giza Pyramids, the sphinx, Saqqara region, Memphis and its Necropolis, Abu Rawash, Dahshur, and El Hassana Dome, all of which constitute a protected archaeological site. Thirdly, the project site lies in the buffer zone or green belt area separating Giza City from the new urban communities established in the Western Desert namely the sixth of October City and Zayed City. The main function of the green belt is to act as an extended park of recreational areas and green spaces to limit and control the informal urban sprawl taking place between the different communities. The green belt zone should also protect archaeological sites from urban invasions. The World Heritage site is considered one of the main tourist attractions in Egypt, which led to the establishment of 5-star hotels, tourists' lodging facilities, and service centers, that cater on tourists visiting the Pyramids Plateau, and the vicinity of the World Heritage site.
After the construction of GEM, the demand for the provision of hotels, tourists' villages, bed & breakfast lodging facilities, and tourists' service centers will increase tremendously to cope with the rising numbers of international visitors. According to the master plan prepared by the Urban Planning Organization, a designated area of 4,000,000 square meters, approximately 900 feddans, along the north side of the Ring Road, is appropriate for an impressively-featured grand investment project that is connected to the world-heritage site of the Pyramids Plateau and Hassana Dome. This grand investment project consists of a number of international hotels, apartment hotels, Health Clubs and Spas, tourists' villages, and sporting facilities for a golf course and horse-back riding tracks, swimming pools, desert related sports facilities, and night entertainment activities similar to the light and sound shows.
Project area
A total Area of 4,000,000 meter squared divided to 3 main elements:
Number of International hotels (with a capacity of 1200 rooms; on an area of 350 feddan);
Tourists' village, apartment hotels and luxurious housing compounds (with a total area of 250-feddan);
- Sporting facilities and Health Spas (on an area of 300 feddan).