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Direct Investment in GEM Building and Site
Direct Investment in GEM Building and Site
Direct Investment in GEM Building and Site
Project Description
The GEM design project includes several architectural elements that offer investment opportunities with an outstanding economic return value.

The investment opportunities are exemplified in main design item starting with GEM Conference Center which includes a main auditorium hall designed to accommodate 1000 seats, and to house conference presentations, theatric performances, including drama shows, dancing, music,playing concerts, etc. The main auditorium is complemented by several seminar rooms, meeting rooms, a multi-purpose hall suitable for a variety of events, and an open space gallery for accompanying exhibitions.

The second investment opportunity is the commercial zone with a variety of retail shops and food and beverage services located at the ground floor level as an attraction point to all visitors upon entering and / or leaving the museum galleries. This zone has direct access to the front garden which is a recreational open space with gardens and water features that offers a breeze of fresh air to the tourists and to the Egyptian residents in the vicinity. In addition to this commercial zone, three separate restaurants are distributed on the premises of the GEM site to serve different user groups.

The 3-D virtual auditorium is another attraction point which will utilize the latest IT to accompany the visitors in a unique journey with the ancient Egyptian artifacts and civilization as a complementary visit to the permanent galleries. The virtual gallery is intended to attract the younger, less orthodox visitor groups, who are eager to venture into a different exhibition experience.
  Project area  
  A total area of 22.000 square meters is divided to 3 main elements:  
  - The Conference Center and seminar rooms (with a total area of 8000 square meters)
  - Commercial , food and beverages recreational zone, and restaurants (with total indoors area of 7000 square meters),and  
  - The virtual reality , 3-D theatre, with a capacity of 250 seats.