Pectoral with a winged scarab from King Tutankhamun’s collection
New Kingdom

Gold, silver,  semi precious stones and glass paste

H. 14.9 cm, W. 14.5 c


The center of this pectoral is adorned with a rare green desert glass scarab set on the body of a falcon, it symbolizes the sun. The front legs and wings of this composite creature support a celestial boat containing the left eye of Horus – the emblem of the moon crowned by a silver moon disk with a crescent in gold.


The pharaoh Tutankhamun is depicted in the disk flanked by the moon god Thoth and by the sun god Ra-Horakhty in a protective pose.

Flowers and buds of papyrus and lotus plants, the emblems of Upper and Lower Egypt, form the base of the pectoral.
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