Stela dedicated by Ptolemy V to the bull Buchis

Ptolemaic period – Ptolemy V

Limestone, painted and gilded

H. 72 cm; W. 50 cm; thickness 14 cm


This stela comes from the Bucheum, the cemetery of the sacred bulls of Armant on the west bank of the Nile in Upper Egypt.


At the top of the stela the whole scene is dominated by a winged sun disk. Below this is a scarab, and the emblem of Osiris, flanked by two uraeus serpents. Two lateral images show Anubis.


In the middle we can see Buchis, and in front of him the King Ptolemy V offers the bull the sekhet, the symbol of the fields.

In the end of the stela inscriptions contains Ptolemy’s and Queen Cleopatra’s dedication to the sacred bull that was born in year 11 of their reign and died in year 25.
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Buchis Stela
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