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Vision and Mission
To create a world class complex of museums capable of demonstrating the development of Egyptian Pharaonic civilization.
To transform the idea of the museum from an institute whose only function is to exhibit collections, to an institute of different functions that enable visitors to enjoy a full-day experience.
To establish proper laboratories for scientific researches, conservation, restoration, and photography according for best standards.
To build a people- and artifact-friendly museum, the design of which caters for the safety, pleasure and comfort of visitors while enhancing their learning experiences.
To contribute to the development of tourism industry by providing facilities capable of attracting an additional four million tourists every year.
To expand the knowledge of visitors and enrich the quality of their experience through the interactive use of relevant techniques and technologies.
To use the information highway to create the first electronic museum in a manner designed explicitly to facilitate maximum visitor involvement and participation.
To allow a worldwide audience to participate in the museum’s programmes through electronic means of communication.
To offer educational and recreational opportunities to all its visitors
To establish a data bank and Egyptology library for studying worldwide collections of Egyptian artifacts to fulfill the needs of researchers.
To invest in Egypt’s future by establishing a Museum for Children fostering cultural awareness in future generations.
To revive ancient and neglected arts and crafts by establishing a Craft Center.