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Vision and Mission
Impact of GEM on Development in Egypt
Impact of GEM on Development in Egypt
Impact of GEM on Development in Egypt
Cultural & Social Impact
Boosting Egypt's image on both national and international levels considering that the museum will contain the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world, applying state of the art technologies to museums' activities.
Creating a high quality of life by making the Museum a destination for learning more about a great civilization while offering advanced services and entertainment activities.
Raising the awareness of people of cultural heritage by organizing educational activities that match with world class-standards in museums.
Enhancing the participation of the business community in the museum activities through out-sourcing and management contracts.
Managing the Information Technology plan of the museum by a qualified staff with the possibility to interact and cooperate with specialized external companies and professionals. The museum can Provide a concrete support for the development of the domestic information technology sector.
Archaeological Impact
Finding a place for more than one hundred thousand artifacts, which are going to be collected from the present Cairo Museum and from the storerooms of the archaeological sites all over the country. Many of these artifacts need full documentation, conservation, study and proper display.
Creating an open-air display for larger monuments in a friendly atmosphere as well as in gardens containing some flora of Ancient Egypt.
Using advanced systems of information technology in developing online library and online virtual museum and virtual reconstruction of archaeological sites. Integrating such electronic facilities with the real museum experience will make GEM a reference center for Egyptology.
Using technology (microscopes, carbon 14 dating, computers etc.)in research departments in GEM will benefit in the fields of:
  • documentation and registration
  • design and display of art objects
  • photography, graphics and printing
  • restoration and conservation according to international standards
Economic Impact
Creating new permanent job opportunities for about 500 people.
Creating outsourced job opportunities for about 1500 people, in the service sector (security, cleaning, maintenance, etc.).
Creating 5800 induced job opportunities in economic sectors through the multiplier effect especially in the fields of construction, transport, insurance, services, manufacturing, etc.
Promoting traditional Egyptian arts and crafts leading to positive impacts on sector competitiveness.
Generating revenues through the museum's commercial activities, such as: entry tickets, shops, restaurants and events organization.
The general impact of the project on the Egyptian economy, through the multiplier effect of museum construction and operation as well as that of tourism, would be around 840 million US$.


Tourism Impact
Upgrading and enhancement of Cairo and Giza tourism services and increasing the number of tourists visiting these cities.
The museum would act as an incentive to extend tourists' stay in both Cairo and Giza area.
The museum would be a cultural attraction capable of attracting up to 4 million visitors per year.