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Vision and Mission
Vision and Mission
The Vision

The unique legacy of this ancient civilization needed to be presented within a single building. This edifice is a repository and a showcase for the development and achievements of Ancient Egypt. But then the question rose "How can one building span the area between heaven and earth?"

Only LIGHT can span this space between Heaven & Earth, and through light, vision is born, that which has guided the Pharaohs and all of creation.

The Grand Egyptian Museum was guided by this vision, a single source; faint yet filled with the strength to glow with the power of a thousand suns. This source was the inspiration to build this edifice and bring about its birth through an exceptional concept and an outstanding design.

The Grand Egyptian Museum a place that allows its visitors a unique experience of going back in time and navigating through the story of Ancient Egypt over the past 7000 years, and enjoying a voyage through one of the richest cultural heritages ever created.


The Diffraction of light through the prism reveals the organization of indvidual galleries occupying the visual lines to the pyramids

The Mission  

Egypt has been known as the most ancient center of civilization, art and culture. Throughout history, during the Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic and Islamic periods, even during times of invasion, art has operated as a common denominator. The constant expression of life through art has remained an inherent trait of Egypt and its inhabitants. The Grand Egyptian museum is conceived to be an exemplary manifestation of this trait, exhibiting civilization with all its dynamics: the land of Egypt, kingship and state, daily life, religion and knowledge.

The mission of the museum is to preserve, document, conserve, research, exhibit its collections and educate and entertain its visitors, whether adults or children. The major concern of the museum is to satisfy visitors through serving as a world –class, hospitable and dynamic institute in order to engineer new experiences capable of raising the visitors’ curiosity and including the pleasure of discovery and enjoyment of culture.