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Museum Location
Museum Location
Museum Location

The Grand Egyptian Museum is located only 2 kilometers from the Giza Pyramid plateau that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, which extends in a north-south direction for about 30 km from Abu Rawash to Dahshour, including the Abu Ghorab, Abu Sir and Saqqara archaeological area. North of the Pyramids plateau is the Hassana Dome, a singular geomorphologic feature designated as a Protected Area.

The area allocated for the Grand Egyptian Museum is about 480,000 sq.m. It exists on a higher hill at the beginning of the Cairo-Alexandria desert Road and is also accessed from the Fayoum Desert Road .

Museum Site With Connection to Pyramids
The Grand Egyptian Museum establishes a strong visual relationship to the Pyramids. In effect, it creates a single site for the Museum and the ancient wonder establishing a kind of formal dialogue. The top of the Museum level will have a wonderful panorama of the three Giza Pyramids without obstacles. Nested between the ancient Great Pyramids and the modern city of Cairo, at the junction between dry desert and the fertile floodplain, the Grand Egyptian Museum is a portal to the past.
While the Museum is organized within the visual axis from the site to the Pyramids , the site organization also describes a relationship to Cairo. From the top of the plateau the path of the Nile Park inscribes a
cone of vision to Cairo creating the opportunity for a viewing point both over the city and the Pyramids. The site acts as the intersection between modernity and antiquity, literally redirecting the visitor from the modernity of Cairo and Alexandria to the ancient heritage of the Egyptians.