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On Monday 20/4/2015, the members of the ministerial committee of developing GEM resources meet together. The committee meeting is attended by Dr. Mamdouh El Damaty, Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Moustafa Madbouly, Minister of Housing
In the context of discussing the prospects of cooperation between the international institutions and the Grand Egyptian Museum project
On Tuesday 24/03/2015 , Dr. Tarek Sayed Tawfik, the general supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum, receives Mr. Arturo   Avello, the Ambassador of Spain in Cairo, to discuss the frameworks of cooperation and to find out the latest construction progress of the project
The Foreign Ministry Assistant for Asian affairs visits GEM
Within the framework of cooperation between the international institutions and the project of the Grand Egyptian Museum, Dr. Tarek Sayed Tawfik, the general supervisor of the project, receives H.E. Mr. Yasser Murad, the foreign ministry assistant for Asian affairs,   H.E. Mr. Amin Malika , the deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asian affairs, H.E. Mr. Amr Mohiuddin, and Prof.
Due to the attention of the international organizations and institutions to follow up the latest progress of the Grand Egyptian Museum; Dr. Tarek Sayed Tawfik, the general supervisor of the project, receives Ms.Isolde   Moylan , the Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland in Cairo, in her visit to the project on 22/3/2015. During the tour, the ambassador visits the labs of the Conservation Center and inspects the construction works of the project
On Satruday 7/3/2015, the Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Mamdouh El Damaty, and the Minister of Culture of Bahrain, Sheikha Mai Bint Mohammad Al Khalifa, visited the Grand Egyptian Museum.
On Monday 02/03/2015, Dr. Khaled Zakaria Al-Adly, Giza governor, visits the Grand Egyptian Museum to see the progress of work on the project and discuss maintaining the governorate services for the project.
The activities of the workshop “ Transporting Heavy Artifacts” started on Monday 9/2/2015 and took place at the heavy artifacts conservation area at the Conservation Center of the Grand Egyptian Museum . The Workshop was held in cooperation with the “ Japan International Cooperation Agency” (JICA), and transporting and packing experts from Nippon Express Co.
After finishing all the necessary works of restoration for 17 Pieces of heavy artifacts at the heavy artifacts lab, the artifacts were transported to their store.
The Grand Egyptian Museum receives 25 wooden pieces of Khufu boat II after being restored and documented using three-dimensional imaging technique (laser scan) in preparation for the assembling and exhibiting at the museum
The Grand Egyptian Museum received, for the first time, heavy artifacts that weigh 3 tons. The artifacts have been received from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir
Under the cooperation plan between the Grand Egyptian Museum-Conservation Center and the different sectors of the Ministry of Antiquities, GEM-CC is planning a training course on “Treatment and Conservation of Manuscripts and Papyrus”. The course will start on 4 th of January 2014 for 2 weeks. The course is conducted for 13 trainees from the Ministry of Antiquities.
The Grand Egyptian Museum launches its “Logo Design Competition” on 26 November 2014. GEM set 25 December as a deadline for submitting entries.
Series of Papyrus Training Course has started in November 2013 (the first course) with purpose to develop and update knowledge and practice for staff-members of GEM-CC and other outside experts related to papyrus conservation and preservation.

The 4th training course on “Textile Conservation 4” starts

Today, the training course “Textile Conservation 4” has started in the presence of Mr. Ossama Abu Elkheir ,the Director of GEM- Conservation Center, Mr.Moamen Mohamed Othman,the Head of organic artifacts Lab.,and from JICA Mr. Kuniaki NAGATA , Dr. Yasunori MATSUDA, Rei HARADA, Naohiko KAWAKAMI.
The 3 rd symposium, entitled “Conserving the Egyptian Cultural Heritage” was held from 3rd to 5th of November
The Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center (GEM-CC) is now planning to conduct its 3rd Symposium.
The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announces a competition for designing the official logo of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), which is located only 2 kilometers away from Giza Pyramids and scheduled to open in 2018.